We supply, install, or simply maintain all types or transformers.

We can test and monitor existing transformers in circuit to ensure you get the best possible service from your equipment.

We offer replacement ECO transformers which give a fantastic saving due to their design and makeup

EcoDesign loss (Fe=1.12kW, Cu=13.1kW, Z=5.5%)

EcoDesign * we advise that any power transformer installed and commissioned in the EU after June 2015 must meet the energy efficiency requirements of EU Directive 2009/125/EC. It should be noted that the standard loss transformer offered does not meet the EU requirements however the EcoDesign option does.

It should be noted that HaLVE’s EcoDesign range of units can reduce the end users Carbon footprint. As can be seen the losses are greatly reduced (i.e. δ 6880 and 7850watts at FL) using the EcoDesign design. This means that at 10p/kWh, over a year, the client could save 6.88kW and 7.85kW x 8760hrs x £0.10 = £6,027 and £6,877 pa resp (Annual Saving per transformer) plus further savings due to a reduction in their Carbon tax etc...

This could give a payback period of less than 24 months for the EcoDesign loss transformers Our EcoDesign loss transformer designs also have an extra HV tap to give +7.5% to -5% in 5 steps each 2.5% and is wound for 415volts at no-load.

This extra positive tap enables a lower LV voltage to be achieved giving further kWh savings on most modern industrial loads; this could save a further 6-10% in your electricity bills

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We take great pleasure from our history of customer satisfaction and the fact that our engineers have been around long enough to give the old school service and values that really puts customers first, which we feel is lacking within the industry, without compromising on new regulated guidelines.

Replacement of 500kVA Transformer

posted: 12-11-2021

Out with the old and in with the new!

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