We have vast knowledge in old and new High Voltage Equipment ensuring by eithing upgrading or simply maintaining, your equipment is in safe hands.

We pride ourselves with our past history of never being able to get a customers supply back on line, this is through years of working on different and all types of switchgear and through this knowledge we are respected within our industry.

We can source replacement transormers and switches with ease and offer maintenance packages to ensure a majority of issues are found and repaired before the need to replace.

We have a number of switching engineers who receive up to date training, we have worked alongside all the DNO's and have an ongoing relationship with the suppliers which inturn makes any majoy works easier to either install or rectify.

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Case Studies

We take great pleasure from our history of customer satisfaction and the fact that our engineers have been around long enough to give the old school service and values that really puts customers first, which we feel is lacking within the industry, without compromising on new regulated guidelines.

Hospital Switchgear Change

posted: 07-12-2018

Replacement Switchgear for the Hospital Trust

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Liverpool HV Switch Change

posted: 07-12-2018

Switch Change for one of our customers in Liverpool

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